The Institute is responsible for four fields of study: law (Master’s degree programme), administration (I and II degree programmes), internal security (I and II degree programmes) and business services (I degree programmes, practical profile).

We also offer post-graduate studies in public administration, administration and management and business law.

If you are interested in scientific work, you can obtain a PhD in social sciences in the discipline of law from us.

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Erasmus Program – information for incoming students

Law Faculty Erazmus Coordinator: dr Jacek Srokosz:

Who are we?

We are relatively young, but rather ambitious and fast developing Faculty. It was created in 1996 firstly as Institute of Law and Administration operating in the framework of Faculty of Economy. In 2001 it separated from Faculty of Economy as Interfaculty Institute of Law and Administration, and from 2006 it operates as Faculty of Law and Administration. In six cathedrals and fourteen bets are employed seventeen professors, twenty six lecturers and eleven assistants. Scientific and teaching works are assisted: the departmental library, the computer room and the court room, in which simulations of court hearings are being carried out by students under researchers’ maintenance. Mission of our Law and Administration Faculty is training to the public service in the rule of law, deepening and disseminating the vision of a human being and the world in the context of challenges of the present day, care of the high level of academic educating and the scientific research, as well as developing of initiatives leading to consolidation with other research units.

What do we offer?

Faculty of Law and Administration educates students in four specializations: civil, penal, administrative and European and international law. Both the full-time studies and extramural studies are offered. The studies lead to Master’s degree after 5 years of study. For foreign Erasmus students we offer the following courses thaught in English:

A catalog of courses in English is available at the web page of the Office for Scientific Research and International Relations:—2016-2017.pdf

For detailed information concerning formalities and accommodation look at the web page of the Office for Scientific Research and International Relations: